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Advvise is one of the leading strategic communications agencies in Jordan, with an ever-growing portfolio of clients whose brands have been empowered by our forward-thinking and custom-tailored solutions. With an unparalleled understanding of media relations and corporate communications, and an expansive network of seasoned professionals and partners, we help clients develop and implement powerful communications strategies designed to achieve maximum reach and impact.

Focused on Results

Despite being founded in 2011, Advvise has quickly garnered a unique status in the highly-competitive communications market in the region, becoming the fastest-growing boutique agency in Jordan with a staunch commitment to results. By adopting a tailored, evidence-based approach to communications, the agency brings together some of the highest-calibre communications professionals and consultants in the field, in addition to consistently investing in research and development to stay one step ahead of the market. Moreover, we possess extensive knowledge of local markets region-wide as well as access to a vast network of opinion leaders and journalists.

Our ability to deliver far-reaching and highly adaptable communications campaigns has allowed us to cultivate a consistently-growing portfolio of clients that span numerous industries and disciplines. By adopting a razor-sharp focus on results demonstrated through clear, measurable benchmarks, our approach has effectively redefined the conventions of public relations and communications in the region, allowing us to consistently focus on critical areas such as innovation, creativity and client-specific approaches. Today, our client base spans Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

In addition to providing a wide array of public relations, marketing, communications and brand management services, Advvise has effectively cultivated a growing network of partners who can provide the full suite of comprehensive communications services that include creative direction, graphic design, video production and social media management.

Our Process

Assessing overall perception, market share, competition, and positioning.
Defining objectives for short, medium and long term.
Creating a holistic communications strategy to outline the process and road map.
Liaising with the client on the execution of the strategy.
Monitoring results and making changes based on insights gained.

At Advvise, we believe that communications is a science, ever-evolving and increasingly sensitive to details. This is why we adopt a holistic communications approach that relies heavily on evidence-based tools and forward-thinking tactics. Our tools enable clients to gain external and objective insights on issues impacting their organizations, providing an overarching communications strategy that covers the short, medium and long-term needs of the client. We begin by assessing overall public perception of a client’s brand and their current positioning, define clear objectives over specific timeline, provide effective tactics to achieve those objectives, and manage the implementation throughout the duration of the strategy.

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