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Advvise Consulting

Great instincts point the way. Great experience paves it.

Advvise Consulting has a specialized advisory department founded in 2018 by renowned Jordanian business strategist, Nasser Al-Khaldi. The department incorporates unparalleled expertise gained from decades of combined experiences in key areas, including corporate strategy, business model transformation, mergers and acquisitions, organizational strategy, and others.

Leveraging deep insights gained across numerous industries, Advvise Consulting assists organizations looking to navigate today’s nuanced, complex business environments. The department offers consultancy services that span short, medium, and long-term business strategy, advising on high-level decisions via an unbiased, evidence-based approach that relays deep industry knowledge. Our services help organizations to essentially place their organizations in perspective; to define their visions, create viable roadmaps to achieve them, and to consistently traverse the obstacles that may arise along the way, particularly when venturing into markets or pivoting into new business models.

Advvise Consulting services:

  • Corporate Strategy: One of the major challenges facing businesses of any size is the formulation of viable strategies, both enterprise-wide and business unit specific. Advvise Consulting helps to offer an objective, fact-based perspective that helps organizations to clearly define their strategic goals, delivering transformational blueprints that are both achievable and resource effective.
  • Business Model Transformation (BMI): Today’s business climate is volatile and riddled with numerous, unpredictable challenges, with disruptive technologies and unforeseen global events consistently forcing organizations to shift their strategies, if not rethink their business models entirely. Advvise Consulting helps to make this process as seamless as possible, offering guidance and support on the design and development of future-proof strategies that take all of these factors into account.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Leveraging the combined expertise of business analysts, corporate finance advisors, legal consultants, and investment bankers, we focus on strategic and commercial activities in the pre-deal phase to ensure our clients are getting the best deal possible.
  • Organizational Strategy: We examine the levers that an organization needs to influence in order translate its strategy into viable results and offer key insights to facilitate the process. Our services include designing organizational structures and corporate governance, assessing organizational competitiveness, developing human capital strategies, and supporting strategic change management programmes.
  • Functional Strategy: We support clients in the development of strategic plans and roadmaps for organizational functions, which can range from sales and marketing to finance, human resources, supply chain, research and development, procurement, and others.

A set of unique skills, perfected.

  • Data-driven analysis: The ability to collect and effectively analyse large amounts of data is a skill garnered over time and long experience, and Advvise Consulting has decades’ worth of expertise in this regard. We crunch the numbers, parse the data, and translate into viable recommendations.
  • Networking (people, not cables): Consulting is a client-focused industry, with much of our time spent with senior management in order to better understand the issues they’re facing. Over decades, our professional consultants have learned how to cultivate trust —not by hollow slogans but by quickly and clearly demonstrating expertise and objectivity.
  • Time management: A volatile business environment does not respect deadlines, but we certainly do. Our team is defined by its dynamism and its ability to adapt to incredibly tight deadlines. Missing them is not an option.
  • Flexibility: Despite our broad business expertise, we know that knowledge only grows with time. We are consistently adapting and refining our approach, taking cues from the ever-changing landscapes in which we operate.
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