Making Headlines with Redmi

Few things generate as much buzz as a flagship smartphone launching in one of the fastest-growing consumer tech markets in the region. The launch of the Redmi Note 11 in Jordan was one such event, representing a significant milestone for the growing consumer tech brand and its official dealer in the kingdom, BCI.

Advvise worked with BCI to give the Redmi Note 11 the debut it deserved. BCI had three key priorities: to engage all segments of the smartphone market, including both regular consumers and tech enthusiasts; to raise the public profile of the Redmi brand as a whole; and to create new and stronger relationships with the media and the influencer community.

Advvise delivered an influencer-focused event that had all the hallmarks of a major product launch and then some. In addition to garnering extensive coverage in print and other traditional media, the event enjoyed remarkable success online, reaching more than 6 million social media accounts.

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