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For nearly six years, Advvise led strategic communications planning and execution for the Housing Bank, leveraging its expertise to lead on the bank’s stakeholder engagement, helping build relationships with the media, strategic partners, leading influencers, government counterparts, and other key audiences. Advvise worked on developing Housing Bank’s messaging and content, helping to shape the evolution of the bank’s tone of voice and public profile.

Events and activations were also key. We worked with Housing Bank to launch an initiative in celebration of Jordan’s 75th Independence Day, designing and executing a live visual experience that relied on 3D video mapping and storytelling. The experience was projected on the façade of the Housing Bank’s headquarters and showcased a wealth of stunning visuals that extolled Jordanian’s rich culture and heritage, attracting thousands of live spectators. A PR campaign ensured the first of its kind 3D show, received national media coverage on TV, radio and on social media by engaging content creators and influencers.

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