Copy Editing: The Cornerstone of Good PR

At Advvise, we are all about content. Strategies, work plans, and campaigns offer the framework for solid communications, but it is content that brings them all to life in a seamless, harmonious fashion. More often than not, that content comes in written form first.

We believe in what the industry terms “a white-glove experience” — that is, an experience that where personalization and special attention is paid to each and every consumer. One of the ways we deliver such an experience is by taking a 360-degree approach that lends particular focus to content. In that regard, copy editing becomes the cornerstone of every strategy and a worthy gatekeeper to ensure that only the most straightforward, effective and far-reaching messages are communicated to a client’s audience.

Leveraging the skills of a copy editor ensures that only clean, flawless products are disseminated for publication. Not only does this require comprehensive knowledge of language and its uses, but it also takes unparalleled understanding of target audiences and the best approaches to take when addressing them. More importantly, it is a practice that we ingrain in every step of the communications workflow, thus ensuring that every component of the strategy is carefully vetted for style, consistency, and efficacy.

Copy editing yields numerous benefits to campaign, some of which include:

  • Guaranteeing consistency of voice and style
  • Extensive fact-checking
  • Checking every piece of text for cohesiveness and coherence
  • Addressing knowledge gaps
  • Padding or trimming content to suit various platforms

No matter how seemingly trivial a piece of text is to a campaign, whether it is a press release, a speech, a feature story or a high-profile speech, copy editing guarantees that it is consistently reflective of a client’s brand and standards, which is why we consider it the cornerstone of a good PR campaign.

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