Earned Media: A Concept every Brand Should Know

When it comes to marketing, advertising often claims the spotlight, not necessarily due to its effectiveness but — at least more often than not — due to its perceptibility. While good advertising has an undeniable value to a brand’s image and presence, there are other aspects of solid communication that are frequently overlooked; aspects that, if implemented soundly, can deliver a far more impactful and lasting impact.

The other side of the marketing coin is often referred to as earned media, as any material written about a brand beyond what is directly paid for or created by that brand. This type of media is always curated by a third party, but there are strategies that brands can effectively leverage to capitalize on earned media opportunities.

In the past, earned media was restricted to conventional communication channels — magazines, news broadcasts, interviews, etc. Today, that concept has evolved dramatically, particularly with the advent of the digital revolution and the wealth of opportunities it has provided. Today, a tweet by an influencer or even an average customer who has genuinely had a positive interaction with a brand has a much more valuable (and credible) value than a paid advertisement, often resonating with target audiences in an organic, relevant manner. Today's audiences are substantially influenced greatly by the experiences of family, friends, and the deluge of messaging available online, which can extend to reach millions of potential customers across borders.

Examples of earned media are plenty, from a quality news segment, a carefully worded newspaper article, a customer review, or even a simple Instagram shot that captures a brand’s essence. More importantly, these opportunities deliver an unparalleled return on investment as not only are they entirely free to produce but they also exude credibility in a way that advertising cannot approach.

But how can brands effectively position themselves to benefit from earned media? This is where good PR comes into practice. Even the best quality products and services can end up being relegated to niche audiences, but a well-rounded PR campaign can set the stage for a wealth of earned content opportunities simply by facilitating the proper networks, garnering sufficient mindshare, and ensuring that key messages are phrased and targeted to reach the right people.

For Advvise, earned content forms the foundation of every effective PR strategy we deliver. For years, we have worked to cultivate the proper communication channels throughout the region, creating an ever-growing network of journalists, influencers, consultants, and social media experts to ensure that clients are positioned to capitalize on this often overlooked component of effective marketing.

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