Why Data-Driven Communication Matters

We at Advvise have always believed in the importance of data-driven communications. In an age where the very foundations of fact-based knowledge are being challenged by an array of unprecedented factors, including fake news platforms, so-called citizen journalism, and a collective skepticism towards established knowledge, a scientific and meticulous approach to communications is paramount to a brand’s credibility.

For decades, public relations and communications have been wrongly perceived as “soft marketing,” — that is, approaches largely reliant on speculation as opposed to empirical knowledge. As in all fields of marketing, public relations is in fact driven by solid understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics, both of which are primarily derived from hard, reproducible knowledge. For clients who expect an inevitable return on their investment, such knowledge forms the bedrock for all monitoring and evaluation aspects of a given campaign.

Data-driven approaches to public relations take the guesswork and — for lack of a better phrase — pointless drivel out of a communications strategy. Instead, clients are given clear metrics of their brand performance early on in the process, with clear objectives defined over a reasonable timeline. Throughout the stages of the strategy, these objectives are evaluated, the tactics are reviewed based on their effectiveness, and are in turn modified if proven ineffective. Not only does this allow for complete transparency and accountability, but it also yields nimble, cost-effective campaigns that benefit both an agency and its clients.

This is precisely what has allowed Advvise to remain one of the fastest-growing agencies in the MENA region, gaining the trust of more than 50 brands across a multitude of industries. More importantly, it has given the agency an impeccable understanding of different consumer demographics, with a growing body of knowledge that is continually adapted to inform its campaigns.

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