World Cup Qatar: Not Just A Game

This past World Cup was unprecedented in every imaginable sense. Audiences had no choice but to watch with bated breath as nations scored historic goals and battled against the odds. But the true winners of the World Cup cannot be distilled into one nation; Argentina may have taken home the cup, but there were many more winners that day.


This world cup was a win for the Palestinians. Looking out into the audience, no flag was waved with more fervor than that of Palestine, raised proudly despite controversy and protest. The Moroccan team, after their historic win, carried the flag in their victory photo, in a pure stance of solidarity with their fellow Arabs. For the first time in modern history, the narrative around Palestine was not tainted by pain and bloodshed, it was filled with hope and promise.


This World Cup was a win for immigrants. Teams populated with immigrants and players who came from hardship and struggle were met with roaring applause and admiration from the masses. They were uplifted and celebrated by the public, embraced as legends in their own right. They have become sources of inspiration for all and have singlehandedly changed the way many view their respective nations.  Players like Mbappe and Hakimi w down in history and will change the narrative for both themselves and for immigrants everywhere.


This World Cup was a win for families. Children and wives were not just watching from the sidelines, they ran onto the field to embrace their husbands and fathers, sharing in their shining moment. No man is an island, and the strong family presence on the field sent a powerful message about the impact that a strong family unit can have on an individual. ill go


This world cup was more than just a game, it was a platform for powerful messages to be broadcast across the globe in a way we have never seen before and may never see again.


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