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Rebuilding Trust in Jordan’s Future

Over the past two decades, Capital Bank has managed to carve for itself a healthy slice of Jordan’s rather competitive financial sector, establishing a solid standing among both the individual and corporate segments. With an authorized capital of more JOD 200 million, total assets nearing JOD 2 billion, and a BBB- rating by Capital Intelligence, Capital Bank today enjoys a rich track record of achievements that has allowed it to garner a set of unique strengths.

During the throes of the Arab Spring, sentiments among the general public in Jordan and neighboring countries were in upheaval, particularly with regards to the future outlook of the economy. As an institution that has always been invested in Jordan’s economic development and future prosperity, Capital Bank partnered with Advvise to launch campaign focused on one primary goal: to restore public trust in the nation’s future, underscoring its resilience in the face of enormous odd and the role that Capital Bank continues to play as a pillar of its economy.

Advvise produced a far-reaching multimedia campaign that leveraged core symbols of Jordanian nationalism and culture, communicating with Jordanians on a personal level using positive, future-focused messages. The campaign was launched across multiple platforms – television, print and online, enjoying a flurry of coverage and engagement by target audiences. Not only did it far surpass the average clickthrough rate of 1 percent, but the primary video ad of the campaign received over 7 million views.

Aid & Development

Laureates and Leaders for Children Summit

Supporting a global movement to end child exploitation
Technology and Telecommunications


Breaking Jordan’s Broadband Barrier


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