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UN Women

Shattering Harmful Gender Norms with UN Women

UN Women commissioned Advvise to run a four-year outreach and communications campaign to promote the Jordan National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security (The JONAP), to implement UN Security Council resolution 1325. The campaign required extensive knowledge of both strategic communications and Jordanian culture and heritage, given that the objective was to promote far-reaching gender-transformation in the peace and security sector as well as promote the evolution of historically male-dominated sectors.

Launching an extensive media campaign tackling contractional issues in the local community is a challenging task, especially when it comes to issues related to Women, Peace, and Security.

Advvise worked with UN Women to amplify the voices of women and girls and shatter harmful gender norms. We showed women leading the charge — on the frontlines of the pandemic, in the armed forces, and even in peacekeeping operations abroad, which garnered us an award at the World Social Media Forum (WSF). The award-winning media campaign included the production of four videos launched on social media reaching nearly 7 million users.

Aid & Development

Laureates and Leaders for Children Summit

Supporting a global movement to end child exploitation

World Social Media Summit 2022

Award for Best Regional Social Media Campaign for Social Change


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