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In 2018, the time came for Jordan to transition one of its most critical functions to the web: its tax filing and processing system. Led by the Income and Sales Tax Department with the support of USAID, the transition faced a series of potential communications challenges, particularly with regards to public awareness, potential negative perceptions on behalf of key demographics, and the lack of sufficient technical knowledge on behalf of a significant portion of the local population.

USAID partnered with Advvise to launch a 12-month nationwide campaign geared toward addressing these challenges. Advvise began with a large-scale survey and focus group discussions to identify the root causes of these challenges, followed by a mass media and online campaign designed to tackle these causes, which featured six awareness and tutorial videos, visual marketing products, and messages communicated through social media. The campaign also included more than 11 direct outreach activities targeting corporate and public sectors, whose buy-in was crucial to the success of the platform. By the third month of the successful campaign, over 80 percent of users had embraced the online platform, while the tax department’s followers on social media platforms increased by 800%.

Aid and Development


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Aid and Development

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