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Breaking Jordan’s Broadband Barrier

Globally, there is not a broadband test more trusted than SpeedTest by OOKLA, which has become the go-to source for broadband customers to verify the integrity of their connections. This is why it was such a big deal when Umniah — Jordan’s fastest-growing mobile and broadband operator — was crowned the fastest mobile network in the kingdom by OOKLA after more than two million customer-driven tests. For Umniah, the announcement came as a testament to its customer-focused strategy and its efforts to truly democratize the internet by offering unparalleled value without compromising on performance.

To celebrate this landmark achievement, Umniah partnered with Advvise to host a special award ceremony and highlight the hard work that went into making it possible. The event brought together a wide array of VIPs from Jordan’s private sector, representatives of the media, online influencers, and members of Umniah’s team. A press conference was held to announce the news to the public, followed by the award ceremony and a gala dinner for the guests.

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